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(10 People Likes) What is the price of a silicon girl doll?

1. Almost all dolls are made in China.
2. The technical threshold of this industry is very low.
3. But the quality of dolls in big factories will be relatively better.
4. How to tell if it is a manufacturer? Go to the Alibaba platform where is the wholesale market.
5. The cost of a doll is actually very cheap, but it is very expensive to sell.
6. Most of the time, you can get those dolls that look very good at very low prices.
7. Yes, you have to find a conscience factory to get the goods directly.
This is everything I want to say. If you want to buy a doll, think about it, and the high price is not worth it.
8. But there are always people who

(57 People Likes) Can tariffs on imports cause cost-push inflation?

LATION IS GONNA MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! (It’s gonna suck for Americans, but why quibble)
On the surface, the recent tariff on Chinese manufactured solar panels seems to make sense. After all, who wants the Chinese to dump their solar panels on the market?? So, USA! USA! USA! Our solar producers are gonna crush it!
Except we only have a handful of solar plants. And, they’re all owned by foreign companies. Japanese, Koreans and Germans.
With no meaningful domestic suppliers, Americans benefitted from the low priced Chinese panels. They made solar a cheaper alternative.
Cost push inflation is inflation caused by an increase in prices of inputs like labour, raw material, etc. The increased price of the factors of production leads to a decreased supply of these goods. While the demand remains constant, the prices of commodities increase causing a rise in the overall price level.
In other words, if you increase the cost of inputs, you make buying a solar system less attractive.
Let’s put aside the fact that “clean coal” is bullshit. Actually, the solar industry employees 3x as many people as the coal, oil and gas industries COMBINED
Furthermore, the fossil fuel folks are enjoying amazing gains in productivity thanks to new technology. So, basically the benefit of this tarrif will be to increase prices to allow them to further improve their profits
The problem with defending a bankrupt position is that the truth slips out from time to time. The American Enterprise Institute is a well funded producer of misinformation Their research resembles the conclusions of a learning-disabled Machiavelli. But, my favorites are – in their desperation to make an dishonest point they end up conceding some kernel of truth.
Here’s a case in point. It’s a great headline too. If you believe it (and Fox News thought this was insightful). “It takes 79 solar workers to produce the same amount of energy 1 coal worker can”
Let’s assume that they’re right (they’re not. For example they’re ridiculous in the way they create a lot of indirect labor for solar calculate their 79 workers to produce the same amount of energy). And, let’s put aside the other major flaw they missed .., the very definition of renewable emergy- I’m pretty sure that once you produce a unit of renewable energy, that will continue to produce energy over and over again – whereby once you burn that coal, you’ll never be able to do it again. (And, all we’ll have to remember that lovely energy is a nagging cough and an unstable climate)
But (and this is why they’re so ridiculous). If the point is to protect American jobs, would you wanna protect the industry that employed more people?
So, to be clear, no matter how you slice it, this tarrif hurts Americans. But, there’s one guy who it doesn’t hurt to tickle. While likely the dumbest member of trumps cabinet (trump likely picked Perry because of his ability to make Trump seem more articulate by comparison)
Turns out Rick Perry’s friends made our just fine.
I kinda think so
Because of the constant stream of anger vommitting from the Right Wing Propaganda machine, the hillbillies who voted for Trump will never understand why their lives keep getting worse.
Whether his tax plan, deregulation, rollback of Obamacare or small, sector specific subsidies to the wealthy Trump will continue to dole out the national resources to a tight knit circle of friends (much like the other kleptocratwho put him there)
A lot of the Trump drama that attracts so much news coverage masks this far more insidious agenda. Technology is eroding the value of traditonal labor. Rather than use the additional resources creates by the improved productivity to retrain the working class / middle class. We support policiea that starve the government of their resources for in

(77 People Likes) What video games have ‘feminists’ tried to get banned/changed and why?

“It just reduces tracer to another bland female sex symbol.” ( Post on Blizzard forum, Not easily findable Blizzard to remove Overwatch pose accused of reducing Tracer to “another bland female sex symbol”
But, seriously, her ass is not so “evidenced” and the pose itself doesn’t strike as anything sexy to me. This is a typical pose Hanzo has too
and it is used over and over in animes. For example, this is a classic of Goku ( even if not HD)
So, how does a pose designed to be cool make Tracer look oversexualized?
Other than that there’s a series by a somewhat “respect” critic Anita Sarkeesian which critic tropes in video games, who’s trying to change games.
But while she critic the “Damsel in Distress”, she, for example, doesn’t talk about the male corrispective of the trope (“Distressed Dude” in Tv-Tropes).
Or, while she talk about how there are just certain body-types of woman, she doesn’t analyze the fact that the only body types present are the “extremes” in men too ( like, short-and-robust, muscle-and-slender, slender-didn’t-eat, totally-fat-boi and big-man ) and use evidences like an image on Overwatch without Mei (chubby) and Zarya (robust) to “polarize” her followers on the correctness of her idea by avoiding what could make it false.
Anyway. Did feminist try to get some games banned/changed?
Of course they did.
Did feminist get some games changed?
Yes, many times. ( Mostly in advance on their protests )
Did feminist get some games banned?
Mostly no? There are a few games some producer preferred to not translate just to avoid problems. An example of that may be the Dead or Alive using VR. Or even some games feminist tried to get banned but funnily enough ended up gettin spellbound lover barbie doll higher advertiseme

(90 People Likes) Which person would you like to see run for the Democrats as Presidential candidate?

and am now gearing up for my first election; a local race in my area. I think the United States is the greatest country on Earth, and the mismanagement of our resources and tax dollars by government during more or less the entirety of my lifetime has greatly diminished our standing with the rest of the world.
I am supremely confident, however, that we can roll back the damage done to our education system and revitalize our youth in a globally competitive world. We can enshrine in law an internet where all information is treated equally and you, the consumer, get to choose what you do and don’t pay for, not a major telecomm company. We can do away with our overly complex healthcare policies and establish a single-payer system so that no citizen ever has to worry about getting sick or hurt sending them into bankruptcy – not just by eliminating insurance premiums but also by finally taking a hold of pharmaceutical expenses and negotiating fair prices for our citizens, as the rest of the civilized world is able to do.
We can repair our broken roads, dams and bridges with materials that exist today which will keep them strong and safe from heat, cold, water, and ice for the next century. We can not just conserve, but restore our wetlands, forests, and the other natural wonders across this country, encouraging diversity in species as well as naturally cleaning our air and water. On that note, we can convert our energy grid even beyond solar or wind, by perfecting the fusion technology that they are pioneering now in the United Kingdom. We can redefine our place in the global economy with new trade deals to once again put us on top in Asia without sacrificing our sovereignty or ceding our rights to international corporations, and in doing so give rise to a renewed American working class earning a fair wage and making a better world.
We can scrap our misguided and racist criminal justice system, ending the system of for-profit prisons. We can restore to African Americans a lost generation of fathers and sons while finally acting on promises the Democratic party has long made and seldom kept – to protect every individual’s right to vote, to end our long, expensive, fruitless, and racist war on drugs and instead war on poverty and homelessness, and to foster a country wherein all people have the same opportunity, and their advancement depends entirely on their merit and effort rather than the color of their skin.
We can protect the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment while still reducing tragic deaths by gun v Love Doll olence – hard data on the matter shows that gun violence is the worst where inequality in income and education is highest. Rather than continue to address the symptoms, we can come together and cut off the source of the problem by focusing on people, on neighborhoods and communities, creating bonds between police officers and the citizens they protect, investing in new technology and teaching methods for schools, fostering a culture that respects education, and support credit unions and co-op businesses that will revitalize job growth at the local level. Furthermore, no corporation, no bank, no industry should ever be “too big to fail,” because the failure of one business should only pave the way for entrepreneurs to fill the void with new innovations and new ways of thinking.
We must restore our ties abroad and seek stronger, closer alliances. As the internet continues to make the world smaller and travel continues to become faster, it is incumbent upon the United States to set the standard for the world. We can be the global leader on eliminating poverty, on combating climate change, on protecting and restoring endangered species and their habitats, on building a fair but robust economy, on isolating criminal dictators who oppress their people and promoting an imposing and impenetrable defense that would give pause to any who would seek to disrupt the peace of the world. In that same vein, we can continue building the most powerful military the world has ever known, giving our soldiers access to the technology and equipment they need to remain safe from harm, but also the support they need at home for medical care, psychiatric treatment, education, and employment. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the mental cost of war on those who shed blood for us abroad, or the societal stigma many of them perceive. My family has fought and bled for this country from the French Indian War to Operation Enduring Freedom – we have served and fought by the side of George Washington, and we will never forget the sacrifices of our fellow soldiers.
We can continually seek out new ways of thinking, new solutions, new ideas that will challenge what we know and redefine our understanding of the universe and the world around us. We can return to the stars, where the destiny of mankind truly is, and also unlock the unexplored regions of our world and our own human genome. We need no longer live in a country where power fails, pipes freeze, water goes cold – all of the every day inconveniences that face us in our own homes are solvable with investment into science and technology. Even these most basic aspects of our lives can be improved upon, because we can keep our eyes on the small details even while pushing towards a bigger picture. We can continually improve the lives of the American citizen – making the quality of life for the average American better and cheaper, letting them hold on to more of those fair wages I mentioned earlier to invest however they choose.
We live in a time of tremendous uncertainty. We live in a country that seems increasingly divided along political and ideological lines. However, I truly believe that this is only the perception we have been fed by a media obsessed with ratings. I believe that we still unite on what is important, on the real issues facing our nation, and I believe that we can stand together and claim a spot as the greatest nation on Earth again – not just some empty “great” that anyone can throw out as a mantra, but objectively great – surpassing all the rest of the world for quality of living, economic freedom, and standards of education to become not just “great” but the “greatest.”
I beli

(30 People Likes) What are things you have noticed when you transitioned into the opposite gender?

, people were jerks. As soon as a came out to my best friend he was find, but kids pressured him and he though it would be best for me so he told. I wasn’t mad cause I didn’t tell me not to tell anyone, just thought he would like to know. I regret not making it a secret. The after a few days, everyone knew. My teacher would go up to me and say “its just a phase” or “while I support you, I’m not calling you that stupid boy name or yours and anything like that, in my class your still Samantha”. This is when I start to fall apart. I tried to ignore the kids but one day in the locker room, a few kids from the football team came over and pulled out of the shower. They did thing while calling me a pig and whispered “this is not what men do, your not a man”. I started drink and it just got worst from there. It changed your faith in humanity. Men are still mean to me on the streets, they push me around, blow cigar smoke in my face.
But one good change I generally happier without all the hate. I remember when I got my breast removes I drove past the police Cheap Sex Dolls tatio