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(100 Likes) Will there be the level of acceptance of single men owning Japanese-made female dolls/robots in the West, as is almost universally accepted in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, etc.? ?

ion has a false premise. Love dolls are not “universally accepted” in Japan or elsewhere in Asia. It’s definitely a niche singing jesus loves me baby The Sex Doll box is exactly the same as elsewhere

(80 Likes) If I bought a younger looking sex doll that some might call a child sex doll and it’s legal, but then if I post a video of me having sex with this doll on Pornhub, would that be legal?

Racism by a minor is illegal, but that doesn’t stop someone from filing a complaint or getting some sort of investigation by a Law Enforcement Agency Realistic Sex Doll To me, it’s not clear that having a sex doll made looking young doesn’t put you in this situation singing jesus loves me baby e legal issues. Laws on CP and sex are often vaguely written, and it’s left to cops and prosecutors to use their contempt for who and what they can blame. Depending on where you live, it’s perfectly reasonable to be charged.

(63 Likes) What is something you see on AmazonX that is disgusting and needs to be removed immediately?

at an all-time high. This is why there are so many unmarried young mothers, and so many innocent babies are killed by Satan-worshipping prostitutes through abortion because they are too high to cover their legs. Marijuana is to blame for the Capitol Riots and why there is so much racism in the world. Its gateway drug. The reason why so many people are addicted to heroin and coke. Legalization would be a death sentence for our way of life, can you imagine? Anyone who just watches TV, eats frito, or rapes the first woman you see won’t work? Not today, Satan! Never! Not in my America! I have already filed 50 complaints to remove this and all products that aid consumption of devil’s lettuce and I invite you to join me. They say for tobacco, but I’m not stupid. I went to college and saw it in a movie my roommate was watching during our privilege of watching TV for 2 hours a week. I hope they make up their minds soon and remove this infamous, disgusting substance along with everything else. singing jesus loves me baby something else promotes the sale, use, or legalization of Cannabis, the world’s worst, addictive, life-destroying substance ever. This need should be removed from Amazon and the police should be given records of every stupid buyer and lock them up for life or perhaps shoot them on the spot before they all either die or live on the streets. In the alley next to the rusty tire of a big Ole so they can find some heroin. It’s not just what could happen, it’s what will happen. Anyone who smokes or hangs out with someone who smokes cannabis, even once. Amazon needs to focus more on selling some of its healthier products: like this portable food scale. Not a spring chicken anymore! As an added bonus, it’s small so I can put it in my pocket, so it’s always with me when I want to share my favorite recipes with my friends or when they want me to try theirs. 9/10 would buy it again Yes, if you don’t like it I have tax. Let go then. And I just love these essential oil-burning diffusers. When I come home from church or wander around town preaching about God’s hatred of gays, I love to kick back and unwind with the help of one of these wicked mamajamas and throw in the ice-cold golden old T or Vanilla Ice. I fill my tub with oil from self-employed friends with things she finds under the kitchen sink, or my former high school chemistry teacher who just started doing it in an old trailer in the desert. He was a former student when he got cancer and needed to earn extra money for treatment. I love knowing it’s homemade and supporting my local small business owners. ..then I backfire, fire one of these bad boys and twist in my hands and take deep, relaxing breaths.. . To work, to learn about the lizard people who secretly rule the world and how to beat them, or to spend time with my friends. It’s super rejuvenating, like sliding bare in the ass off an ice slide! Or my personal favorite is to turn the soil in my super small compost pile with its own funnel n shovel as a stress reliever and get the all-purpose me. It really gets my blood pumping! So this is my answer. Sex Doll is the worst thing on Amazon. All

(50 Likes) Is it weird that I’m almost sixteen and still love to play with my dolls like they’re real?

absolutely normal! I’m 19 now and it’s okay to get into the toy basket of my childhood and embark on those silly but wonderful adventures at age 9… it’s all about video games, youtube channels, etc. looks very similar. Just a way of escape from reality and somehow boost your imagination. I highly recommend you keep making the Love Doll you’ve been making.

(45 Likes) Is Amazon causing deflation?

demand for these goods. This is usually due to a reduction in money, credit or consumer spending. Do not confuse volume-based discounts on nominal prices with deflation. Volume drops are often considered “inflationary” (we would say it slightly differently in the sense that we would talk about “improving resource allocation in response to a comparative advantage in purchasing”) positive to the velocity of money. singing jesus loves me baby circulation in the economy. That’s a lot of jargon though. But the short answer is: it’s fine. Deflation is not that good