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(30 Likes) Does anyone have a family member who died in the Holocaust?

Wald KL died here. As I understand it, he is not considered killed in the Holocaust because the Holocaust is defined as the killing of Jews during the Second World War. What the Nazis did was deliberately destroy groups of people for no particular reason. Jews were killed for being Jewish, Roma (Gypsies) siri sex doll They were killed because they were Roma, homosexuals were killed because they were gay. My grandfather was taken to Auschwitz because the Germans were destroying the Polish intelligentsia: professors, students, priests, nobles and others. They shot many of them on the spot, but my grandfather, who was the judge of the Best Sex Dolls in a town near Kraków, was sent to a concentration camp to be worked to death instead. German AB-Aktion in Poland – Wikipedia My grandfather is in the German records, but not in the Holocaust memorials lists. My grandmother was told several times directly that her loss would not count because she and she were not Jewish. I didn’t think that was the right thing to say to the victim’s family. Moreover, the fact that everyone in his family risked the lives of his own two young sons (the Germans would kill everyone in the house where one housed the Jews) to hide a few Jewish women in his basement, but it was never said ‘thank you survivors of the war while losing her husband in a pub; pretty much left him

(60 Likes) Which is the best concert you’ve ever been to and why?

Attending a concert depends on the singer, venue, acoustics, crowd behavior, weather (if outdoors) and many other factors. It all came together perfectly at an Alice Cooper concert I saw in Cincinnati two or three years ago. Cooper is an amazing entertainer. The desire to please people was evident in the following elements: 1. Cooper did everything to produce an excellent stage production. The team changed frequently. Costumes changed frequently. It was theatrical and exciting. I was fascinated by the giant Frankenstein and other magnificent scenes that come to life and roam the stage. 2. Cooper took most of his material from his long portfolio that dates back to the 1970s. 3. Enthusiasm is hard to imitate, and Alice Cooper’s enthusiasm is plentiful. This is evident in his energy and interactions with the audience as he approaches 70. 4. I was touched when Cooper sang his old song “I Love The Dead” because he reworked the song to pay homage to others. deceased musicians. Four huge false tombs siri sex doll Tones that paid homage to Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendricks and other rock greats filled the stage. He made his own interpretation of some of his songs while paying tribute. 5. Finally, and this is purely a matter of opinion, I find Alice Cooper’s latest material very pleasing. I love hearing it. So I wasn’t disappointed when Cooper sometimes sang this material instead of old songs. I hate to say it, but that doesn’t always apply to all artists. Understandably, they want to push their new material a bit, but new material isn’t always that great. 6. Alice Cooper doesn’t keep its audience waiting. I haven’t seen him come in or start a show late yet, or

(29 Likes) Who is your best friend?

what and I’m trying to shoot for it. It’s not a group of women who are only interested in tearing each other apart with gossip that I personally hate. At university, I met a wonderful person who, by the way, came not from the states, but officially from Russia – he will always be my dearest friend and family for me. I had a lot of so-called friends in my time, and I want to share that one of my so-called malignant narcissistic friends told me, “You better be careful leaving these friends, or will they never happen?” Was this a clue for him not to leave his friendship? It wasn’t worth the effort to have him around. He was a cunning liar and trickster back then but wanted to leave even though I didn’t know what happened at the time. I felt uneasy in the face of this horrible sub-human who used everyone, including those he said he valued as friends. What I mean to say is that those who hold on to friendships just to have it don’t realize that some of these people aren’t the type you can trust. I’ve seen patterns and looked through some of my old gathering photos and noticed that a certain person isn’t always there – which means he doesn’t want to be friends with me or be part of this group. The “malicious narcissist” was part of the flying monkeys. He was one of the “flying monkeys” who made his bid for the malignant narcissist and became his roommate. I now know that malicious narcissists share negative things about me. The more I take a closer look at this malignant narcissistic attitude and attitude, the more I see “fiction on plan” to portray me as the bad guy when the malignant narcissist I remember was talking about his roommate, this “flying monkey”, and he told me he did. A bad review that I believe is seeing how I would “react” to these negative reviews. Your friend won’t tell you negative comments made about you, defend you and won’t tell you, stand up for you! What’s so interesting about “spreading rumors” whoever a friend is and turning the other person into the bad guy when things they’ve said about me come to light? How I dealt with it, I didn’t believe it and ignored any of the negative comments and never “showed emotion” to the hurt because they were lies built on lies. True friendship is a two-way street – you take and take from each other and it’s never one-sided but if it is – then

(73 Likes) What do cops think about the sudden slowdown of vehicles on the highway after patrol cars appear?

It’s illegal, but I’ve passed many cops on the highway I’ve driven for decades and I’ve never been pulled over for it. There are times when I get over it and don’t realize it, but as soon as I realize it, I slow down. One thing I’ve noticed is that if everyone is going 10 miles over the limit, they tend to just sit there. I also noticed a lot of cops driving on the highway and started passing people no more than 10 like everyone else did, because they saw the cop and slowed down. (Because they’re speeding too.) But I know that sometimes the cops pull people over, not because they’re speeding too much, but as soon as they pass by and slow down as soon as they see the police. I had this incident when I was younger. I was drinking and driving at the time and was following another car on the highway at the same speed. We were the only two cars in the area at the time and the 1st person kept going. However, I noticed it and instinctively pressed the brake pedal to slow down. When I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw that the lights were on, and he pulled me onto the highway to pull over. He actually let me go, but still confiscated my car and asked me to call a friend to pick me up. And I wasn’t drunk enough to go astray, but I was definitely over the legal limit, so he might not have arrested me. (He is a

(73 Likes) Can governments print unlimited money or is there an international consensus?

all countries imply that there is a limited economic cake to be divided and rules are necessary to protect the interests of each country…. That’s not how it works, the global economy is dynamic – not a zero-sum game. For example, there was a lot of alarm about our ongoing trade imbalance with China. Everyone believed that one day we would owe China for years, But the truth is that we could keep our trade imbalance with China indefinitely (Trump was going to fix it, but it wasn’t necessary). The fact is that China needed to create an export market for its product. Thus, he bought US Debt knowing that he would indirectly finance a permanent consumer for his product. Why would China want to do this? Because their problems have nothing to do with the USA. They are worried about a revolution. Sex Dolls’ claim is that manufacturing cities in the East absorb 15-20 million rural villagers each year. Think about it, that’s 10-15% of their workforce. To keep them busy, you have to keep inflation low and exports high. The last thing you want is for them to starve (especially since these villagers average 6 men for every 5 women (not exactly a good ratio for controlling violence). This imbalance benefits both countries. mainly the benefits… Russia… giving China a new trading partner, reducing the attractiveness of maintaining an account deficit with the US, and… most importantly, giving Russia hard money to use (and weakening G-7 control over Russia) Meanwhile, hurting US farmers The only consolation about the tariffs is that it will hurt the stupid peasants and WalMart customers in Iowa and Minnesota (soybeans) who voted for Trump in Pennsylvania (bottom steel). Louts (accompanied by punitive austerity rules), Brexit, and German anger at the loss of their savings is driving the end of the euro as a common currency. he is pushing. With good economic leadership, both high-saving Germans and high-spending Greeks could create robust economies with strong currencies. Instead, highly thrifty Germans use their savings to subsidize Greeks (and as part of that subsidy, they punish Greeks for what actually means not being German (and, BTW, Germans have a right to be angry) with many examples of bad monetary policy (most notably in Germany). It was Weinmar… ironically it made them such reliable protectors, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Hungary… Hyperinflation tends to emerge as weak democracies.